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violetshaped-s/t 2lp (violet poison)

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violetshaped: s/t

Repitch boss, Shapednoise and his shady, incognito pal follow up a blink-and-you'll-have missed-it cassette release for Hospital Productions with this debut album proper for their own Violet Poison imprint. The pair called Violetshaped runs amok on eight tracks of knuckle-dragging industrial techno -- at their best coming close to the stentorian ructions of Ancient Methods in full swing, wielding barbarous kick drums and rusted percussion to lacerate weakling flesh. The sound design is often powerful, stripping down to barest ingredients done well; some of these productions will sound deadly on a big system, in the moment. For fans of Perc, Vatican Shadow, Mondkopf, etc. Double clear vinyl housed in a double-wide spine gatefold.

Violetshaped "LP" by VIOLET POISON Records

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