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vittoria fleet-acht lp (n5md)

Price: $20.99


vittoria fleet: acht

The Acht LP is the debut album from Berlin based duo Vittoria Fleet. In 2011 the duo of Allan Shotter and Giada Zerbo self-released their debut EP Kissing Cousins. The EP quickly caught the attention of the blogisphere as well as the ears of n5MD head honcho Mike Cadoo. Two years in the making Acht LP shows the duo refining their tenet of aural and emotional contrast . Dark elastic experimental beatwork pulsate around Giada's slithery emotive vocal delivery. IDM, bits of nostalgic trip-hop and some of the best sound design we've come across in some time all make the Acht LP a rewarding a treat for the ears. RLYL: Apparat, (Chris) Clark, Bjork.

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