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vlaysin-what he says 12 (omen recordings)

Price: $10.99


vlaysin: what he says

The highly anticipated EP, 'WHAT HE SAYS', written and produced by French techno artist, VLAYSIN, with remixes by Italian producer AYARCANA, along with Los Angeles artist, AXKAN, is finally here. This is the first release for OMEN Recordings and it effortlessly chronicles the chaotic, dark, and raw characters of cutting edge techno. This EP is rooted in anxiety and provides serious energy. Sonically all the tracks on the EP work together in a cohesive fashion that, without a doubt, will rip loudspeaker systems to shreds. It draws you in and takes you on a unmerciful, but yet trippy ride, before it mauls you in the face with submarine deep kicks and chainsaw melodies.

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