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void vision-sub rosa lp (mannequin)

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void vision: sub rosa

Shari Vari formed Void Vision in 2009 originally as a duo, during the explosion of the new minimal synth and cold wave scene in United States. Sharing the same scene of the Wierd Records associates like Led Er Est, Martial Canterel, Xeno & Oaklander, and Automelodi, in 2010 VV released In Twenty Years on Blind Prophet (Sean Ragon's Cult Of Youth record label), also receiving the attention of Rough Trade, who asked to put out a track for one of their synth wave compilations. After other split vinyls, tapes and compilations, Mannequin approached Shari with the intention to continue what Wierd Records started, giving a proper shape to her beautiful and youthful dark electronic sound. The result is 10 hypnotic cold analog tracks dominated by the warmth and fragility of Shari's voice, some more "pop-orientated," some others belonging to the obscure "cold wave" atmosphere.

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