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voigt & voigt-speicher 82 12 (kompakt extra)

Price: $13.99


voigt & voigt: speicher 82

For Speicher 82, brothers in crime Voigt & Voigt deliver two mind-altering doses of psychotropic techno, squeezing utmost impact out of the most minimal arrangements. The bold and twitchy A-side "Superpitch" does exactly that: riding the pitch, and riding it hard. Its incessantly morphing bell sounds are screwing with your sensory inputs, making you easy prey for the cut's simple and effective beat 'n' bass patterns. However, the secret show-stopper of this release might actually be the flipside's aptly-named cut "Supertrip" -- a dramatic, string-laden techno journey that starts with a spartan, but heartily grinding bass line and soon evolves into a fully-fledged synth-stomper.

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