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volster/aubrey-rev ep (shelter)

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volster/aubrey: rev

Rev it Up, a down tempo Techno masterpiece it swerves in and out breaking in a moment of magic, casting it’s sonic magic through sound design, abruptly it changes back to the instinctive groove, sonic beauty is beheld in this gem. Downtown 66, a masterful cut that displays sonic genius on Aubrey's part, it's a breakbeat affair that delivers in finest purity. Cow bells amass in mega sonic scapes that is a sure fire hit. Cyclic is a smooth groover, it builds in a subtle way pertaining to hypnotic elements that display a soundscape of acidic lines that hover and stab in a dark and mysterious way. Breakthrough is a four to the floor mover. It moves in hypnotic modulation, a signature from Volster that is sure to move a dancefloor. It groove is infectious and reaches a high point through his groove and synth work, a must in any record bag.

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