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walton-s/t 12 (hyperdub)

Price: $11.99


Sam Walton is the 20-year-old Mancunian producer behind this Hyperdub debut, an EP exploring four original experiments with the funky house sound, always keeping the emphasis on energy. 'Aggy' kicks things off by perfectly blending the raw, hard aggression of grime with the tight disciplined micro-syncopations of funky house. 'Mangled Riddim' runs a bassline that sounds like a rubber band being twanged accompanied by spacious toms and 808 kicks and claps, while '808 Vibzin's mix of swinging 808 claps and claviers with sunshine synths and xylophone sounds like classic blissed out Midwest '90s house music. 'Skrilla' on the other hand mixes tough off-beat 'funky drums and rhythmic stabs, simultaneously recalling grime's sparseness and the chilly toughness of Northern bleep house

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