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washerman-raw poet 2lp (drumpoet community)

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washerman: raw poet

Washerman is a story at its best. The humble Gianni Siravo has been around for many years under different names. He released his first records in 1998 as Sequel on labels like Straight Ahead and Sonar Kollektiv. In 2008, he introduced us to his Azuni project and released the album City Look on Sthlmaudio as well as 12"s on Morris/Audio, Quintessentials and Drumpoet. In 2012 he decided to release his music as Washerman. His first single Kutz from the Basement EP for Drumpoet became one of the most played records that summer/autumn and gained him a big reputation, followed up by countless remixes and releases on labels like Nite Grooves, Saft and Deso. He also started his own label Deep Down Slam, where he is championing music which is inspired by the early house groove of New York and Chicago. He has been busy travelling the world as a DJ and producing music, such as this honest, raw album of quality house music. His first album entitled Raw Poet features nothing less than a 909, a Juno 60 and some other bits to create this unique groove you won't be able to resist. It's simply straight-to-the-point underground dance music in its purest form.

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