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wendy gondeln-fracking 12 (magazine)

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wendy gondeln: fracking

Wendy Gondeln is here to introduce and spread the dance-style called Fracking. Gondeln, also known as the German painter Albert Oehlen and long-time Red Crayola member, recently laid out the aspects of Fracking in his studio in Düsseldorf. He asked Wolfgang Voigt to provide him with two plain Gabber bass drum canvases. Wolfgang couldn't stop Fracking after Wendy's visit, which resulted not only in his first Fracking track, but in his first three, included here in the form of a Fracking triptych. When Magazine (Jens-Uwe Beyer, Crato, Barnt) heard of this new thing called Fracking, they had to start Fracking, too.

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