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where is this-infinite hum cs (tapeworm)

Price: $8.99


where is this: infinite hum

Composed, performed and recorded by Where Is This from January to April 2011 at The Aluminium Factory. Where Is This is the solo noise project of Mark Ward. Founded in 2007 to explore and "fuck about" with sound, WIT amassed a slew of recordings that, as well as becoming active in the noise trading scene, led him to create the small press label Bored Bear Recordings, whose blog is also the home of Where Is This. WIT releases can vary in style and could be described as noise, harsh noise, power electronics, ambient, drone, and everything in between. Nowadays, his work mostly focuses on harsh noise walls, sometimes with an ambient/drone edge, and creating highly textured walls of sound. Recent releases (amongst others) include Paunch (2013), Learning to Drown (2013), Rue Des Lombards (2012) and Narcissus at the Gym (2011). His records have been released on many record labels including Kovorox Sound, Victimology Rec., Deadline Noise Recordings, and Quagga Curious Sounds. In other lives, he is also a published poet and a cabaret performer. Cassette-only limited edition of 150 copies.

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