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white-s/t lp (adaadat)

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white: s/t

Adaadat present the first vinyl edition of White's self-titled album, originally released in 2009. White are a Beijing-based experimental duo comprising former drummer with Hang On The Box, Shenggy Shen, and Carsick Cars guitarist and vocalist Zhang Shouwang. They recorded their debut self-titled album in 2007 under the tutelage of Blixa Bargeld from Einstürzende Neubauten. He invited them to Berlin to record and produce their album, after witnessing their debut performance at Dos Kolegas in Beijing. They have also collaborated with the likes of FM3, Elliott Sharp, Alvin Curran, and Manuel Göttsching. Shenggy Shen, aka Shen Jing, is a former drummer with Hang On The Box, China's first all-female punk band. She has since gone on to establish herself a noise artist, with solo-releases on Noise Joy and Little Sound. Together with Christos Fanaras, Shenggy currently performs in the psychedelic drone combo Elephant House. After White split up in 2009, Shouwang continued the spirit of the project with White+ a collaboration between Shouwang and P.K. 14's Yang Haisong. In 2012, they released an album on Maybe Mars and the following year they performed at SXSW in Austin Texas. This re-release on Adaadat coincides with the ten year anniversary of the recording.

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