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why be-snipestreet 12 (halcyon veil)

Price: $16.99


why be: snpestreet

Rabit's Halycon Veil label swerves left with a freakish release from the Korean-born, Danish-raised Why Be (DJ Hvad's Syg Nok, Janus regular, Total Freedom's 2012 Blasting Voice compilation). Grime, bumpy techno, and internet-world electronics add up to a frictional but fluid batch. "Heroin Hat" crosses wires between ersatz Afro melodies and sublow techno with the playful dexterity of Physical Therapy; the massive blackened mass of "Whalin (Kyselina OST)" proves an impressive aptitude for beatless, abstract sound-design. He glances askew at ballroom house from a loop vortex with "Deeq"; its bitch-slapping counterpart "Late (Laser Ha)" throws down limb-synched edits for the voguers.

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