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will azada/alex falk-the illuminati traqckx 12 (cgi)

Price: $10.99


will azada/alex falk: the illuminati traqckx

It is by now no secret that the sounds of the kick drums echoing off the hills of the Tennessee valley have been singlehandedly redefining what we know to be truly Proper for the better part of a decade now. However, the faces of those that make up this new world order have remained largely in the shadows. As such we are beyond excited to bring Tennessee's two most elite producers, Memphis's Will Azada and Knoxville's Alex Falk, back to CGI. 'The Illuminati Traqckx' EP is a split 12" powerful enough to knock the Earth so far off of it's axis that even Jeff Mills's mothership won't be able to swing it back on track. The A side see's the first 2 new cuts from Will Azada (under his given name, at least) to hit wax since his untouchable Cliché EP for CGI in 2013. Two sides of the same coin, both "Flutterbutt" and "The Illuminati Traqckx" anchor a living, breathing, spacious rhythm scape around a deep thudding kick, expertly crafted percussion workouts, and airy chord stabs to create an otherworldly and immersive environment in which to lose your mind and find your body. Consider these cuts a master class in maintaining momentum. Flipping over to the AA side, Alex Falk tones down the atmospherics but not the intensity with two cuts of classic Falk-style techno bombs. "MR1" kicks it off with a massive kick drum anchoring a polyrhythmic monosynth and dancing white noise to create a driving cut that is as beautifully simple as it is gripping. For "Blazeit," the EP's final cut, Falk keeps the rolling monosynth/kick drum dynamic that made "MR1" so irresistible but this time colors it with hi-hats and what sounds like a sample of someone who took too deep of an inhale, expertly arranged so the intensity never stops building. No handclaps required.

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