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wire-april 2014 mag

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wire: april 2014

"The Wire Tapper 34: Yes, the latest volume in our ongoing and exclusive series of underground music CD comps will be attached to the cover of every copy of the April issue. On the cover: The Ex (Daniel Spicer travels to Amsterdam to talk DIY survival strategies with the Dutch ethno-improv-punk collective). Inside the issue: Invisible Jukebox: Marissa Nadler (The singer and fingerpicking guitarist gets lost in time with The Wire's mystery record selection); Akira Sakata (The Japanese saxophonist's four decade career takes in noise face-offs, free jazz and TV celebrity); Early DIY synthesists (How Practical Electronics magazine provided a hub for UK synth-pioneers in the early 1970s); Maya Dunietz (The Tel Aviv improviser is making connections across the board); Cross Platform: Cevdet Erek (The Turkish artist's installations investigate time and motion); Global Ear: Rio De Janiero; Tashi Dorji (The rootless explorations of a Bhutanese improvising guitarist); Laurence Crane (The UK composer's chamber works explore motion and repetition); Drew Daniel on Slint; Mark Fisher on Sleaford Mords."

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