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wire-august 2011 mag

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Attached to the front cover of every copy: The Wire Tapper CD, the latest in our ongoing series of exclusive new music compilations. On the cover: Zomby (A rare in-person interview with UK Bass's mystery man who has dedicated himself to redefining the nation's club music). Features: Global Ear: Kiev (DakhaBrahka's 'ethno-chaos' reconnects Ukrainian music to its pagan roots); Cross Platform: Seb Patane (The Italian artist stays faithful to the line despite irruptions of frontier-pushing music); Collateral Damage (Bob Ostertag comes to terms with the 'professional suicide' of giving music away for free); Luo Chao Yun (The Taiwanese pipa virtuoso is plucking her way to the heart of the UK Improv community); Forest Swords (Mark Fisher hears post-punk echoes in the new Mersey home recordings of Matt Barnes); Invisible Jukebox: Jan Anderzén (The Finnish frontman of Kemialliset Ystävät and Tomutonttu gnomes in on The Wire's mystery record selection); Daphne Oram (From founding the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to designing new instruments for a new age, the British composer/inventor was a true pioneer); The Primer: Jim O'Rourke (A guide to the multi-talents of the Chicago born guitarist/improviser/producer, who prodigious output covers electronic drones, tapes music, uneasy pop, soundtracks and more); Epiphanies

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