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wire-july 2012 mag (wire)

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wire: july 2012

Attached to the front cover of issue 341: The Wire Tapper 29. The latest in our ongoing series of exclusive new music compilations will be given away FREE with all copies of the July issue. Inside the issue: Low End Theories: (The Wire writers pick 50 monumental bass riffs, immersive moments of sub bass pressure, low frequency waveforms, walking bass lines, phat boom baps and beyond). Plus: David Toop on deep natural noises summoned from the depths and transmitted via earth, wood, water and air; Will Montgomery on the uses and effects of sub-audible waveforms; Dave Tompkins on the Bass that boomed out of Miami around the world; Global Ear: Istanbul; Cross Platform: Ian Rawes (Recording London's neglected spaces reveals the secret patterns of the city); Fushitsusha (With a fresh line-up and dynamic new album, Keiji Haino's group refuse to lie low); Duane Pitre (Bill Meyer meets the US mosher-turned-minimalist who's bringing microtones to the marshes of Louisiana); Invisible Jukebox: Reinhold Friedl (Zeitkratzer's extended-technique maestro sticks his head inside The Wire's mystery record box); Epiphanies: Laetitia Sadier on Blondie.

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