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wire-may 2018 mag

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wire: may 2018

On the cover: Larry Heard (the Chicago house of Mr Fingers altered the shape and sound of club and electronic music, and a new album proves the producer is still looking to the future). Inside the issue: Doris Norton (Spanning Italian occult prog, computer music and consultancy work for IBM, the reissued back catalog of Doris Norton takes us deep into the machine); Pekka Airaksinen (After the 1960s performance provocations of The Sperm, the Finnish polymath went travelling the spaceways in search of zen inspiration); Aisha Devi (The vibrational rave of the Swiss born Nepalese-Tibetan vocalist and producer is designed to move bodies at both subatomic and social levels); Global Ear: Istanbul; Invisible Jukebox: Phew; also Lucrecia Dalt, The Slits, Ben LaMar Gay, Lana Del Rabies, Bill Frisell, Detroit Rising and more.

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