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wire-november 2015 mag

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wire: november 2015

On the cover: Magma (The monumental msic of the fabled French ensemble has been pouring from the mind of its leader Christian Vander for more than four decades. Keith Moline travels to north east France for an audience with the man behind the mythos). Attached to the cover: The Wire Tapper 39, the latest volume in our series of experimental and underground music compilations is given away free with every copy of the new issue. Inside the issue: Kamasi Washington +Thundercat (The Flying Lotus associates are applying their virtuosity to develop a strain of cosmic fusion that's accessible to all); Heather Leigh (The former Charalambides member is recasting the pedal steel as a means to warp the fabric of space, time and the human voice); Rabit (The Texan producer casts a post-industrial hex on the dancefloor); Seth Cooke (Ex-Hunting Lodge drummer takes a hands-off approach); Elaine Mitchener (Intimate moves underpin the work of the London singer); Global Ear: Austin (Norwegian bassist Ingebright Haker Flaten has galvanized the Texan capital's underground scene); Invisible Jukebox: Jam City (Dj and producer Jack Latham lays aside his early cares to face The Wire's mystery record selection).

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