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wise caucasian-in the night 12 (mosaic)

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wise caucasian: in the night

With the summer season well and truly in full step, Mosaic returns with two finely tuned cuts of classic dubbed-out minimalism. A Side "In The Night" is a typically understated affair from label boss Steve O'Sullivan under his Wise Caucasian alias. Propelled by a bass-heavy tone and lit by layers of percussion that build on each other you'll find yourself getting lost in the washes of sparse vocals, rhythmic stabs and splashes of delay that reach out over the dance floor. Far from providing instant gratification, this requires timely and repeated play to uncover the layers of subtle finesse and craftsmanship: perfect for keeping those feet moving at any hour of the night, or day for that matter. On the B Side, Steve teams up once again with fellow Londoner , Frazer Campbell on "Rise" which goes straight for the full smile effect as the duo conjure up one of those rare pieces of magic. Set to a melee of skippy percussion, high-pitched toms and warmly toned melody, the prophetic voice of Maya Angelou and her timeless poem "Still I Rise" resonates supreme, bringing a touch of thoughtful intelligence that's all too often forgotten. As the track hits it peak, you can't help but feel the deep elation a groove like this brings in the darkest of hours.

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