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yotam avni-tehillim 12 (stroboscopic artefacts)

Price: $13.99


yotam avni: tehillim

Israeli producer Yotam Avni returns with Tehillim. The galloping rhythm of "Tehillim" brings a whole inventory of struck wood and metal elements into play, and leads listeners on an voyage through liturgical chanting and volcanic eruptions of synthesizer magma. "Orma", while more stripped down, continues down the same path with clever spatial arrangements. "Shtok" begins with a deep subterranean kick pattern and percolating bell tones that are reminiscent of recent efforts from Planetary Assault Systems. The closer "Even" brings the EP's most forceful and demanding beat, overlaid by a shimmering latticework of piano, breeze-like pads, and concentrated string plucks.

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