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youand:themachines-behind reshaped 3lp (ornaments)

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youand:themachines: behind reshaped

A year after the release of his Behind lp, youAND:THEMACHINES presents Behind Reshaped -- an opulent collection of selected edits, interpretations, and remixes courtesy of a prestigious roster of distinguished producers including Matthew Herbert, Steve Bug, XDB, Boo Williams, Sascha Dive, Legowelt and Basic Soul Unit, amongst many more. youAND:THEMACHINES is the solo project of Martin Müller -- one-half of the Berlin-based luminaries youANDme, who have enjoyed success through official works for the likes of Moodymann, Seth Troxler and Radio Slave and through releases on labels such as Ornaments, Cocoon and Rekids. It was back in June 2013 that Martin's Behind first saw the light of night; an enthralling insight into his mind and his equipment built using Roland drum machines, the Moog Voyager and the Roland Alpha Juno, amongst many other analog pieces. Released through long-term affiliates Ornaments, Martin's debut LP was received with tremendous appreciation as a laudable achievement in brooding and physical machine music by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Steve Bug, Scuba, and Âme, to name a few. Behind Reshaped mines deep beneath the original's surface and is a varied compound of textures, tones and atmospheres. From Steve Bug's glacial "Raw and Reduced" edit of "Drift" to The Analog Roland Orchestra's allaying take on "Desire" and from XDB's armoured and clap-heavy remix of "Perception" to Freund Der Familie's lucidly textural version of "Entrance Room," the listener is ferried through a broad spectrum of feeling while a spectral and rueful current remains consistent. Bolstered with labor-of-love extras including 333 hand-painted artwork editions (3x12") with each cover bearing a unique painting and stamped number.

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