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youngsta-rinse: 14 cd (rinse)

Price: $16.99


This is the 14th edition of the Rinse label's compilation series, mixed by Youngsta -- his fourth mix for Rinse/Tempa. Previous releases include Dubstep Allstars volumes 2 and 4 (TEMPA 004CD/006CD), and I Love Dubstep (RINSE 007CD) alongside Geeneus. Rinse: 14 features an upfront selection of dubstep's deeper sounds, including four exclusive tracks. Youngsta is world-renowned for his flawless mixing and meticulous selection and he has been a resident at famed dubstep club night FWD>> since its inception in 2001. He is also one of the longest-running DJs on Rinse FM, having held a weekly show for 7 years. Continuously pushing the sound forward, he has been on air since he was 13, starting off on the now-defunct London pirate radio station Freek FM. Since 2004, he has been the dubstep buyer for legendary London record store Blackmarket Records (now BM Soho) and an A&R at Tempa. Rinse:14 sees him further solidify his place as one of the best dubstep selectors in the world, curating a heavy-hitting "eyes down" selection of dubstep's deeper sounds. Opening up with "Down" by SP:MC and LX ONE, it sets the tone of what's to come on the 20-track compilation. Taking you on a journey through the deeper and darker side of dubstep, Youngsta's uncompromising selection is more evident here than it has ever been, concentrating on the sound that he has always encompassed and represented on dancefloors worldwide. The mix features four exclusive tracks including "Organic Step" and "Xylophobia VIP" by Icicle and "Wilderness" and "Darkstar" by Verse. Although he's not yet known as a producer, Youngsta has undoubtedly had a strong influence on the progression of the sound and has co-produced two tracks on the compilation: "Momentum" alongside Icicle and "Arcane" with Kryptic Minds. Other artists include: Freeze, Matt U, Cyrus, DJ Madd + Chris SU, Alys Be and Distance.

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