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zach phillips-how to slip away lp (feeding tube)

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zach phillips: how to slip away

"Although I am not a painter, I urge you to sit down and listen to this, as if it were a game show, on prime time 'I Won The Prize, Ring The Bells' somewhere between an interview and the world's greatest puzzle someone would sing your songs for you regarding self-reference and identity an horsepower engine cruiser where it lacks in bathetic synth vortismuto in the afternoon it locks in an aplomb power balled tour d'fourths THE FOURTH WALL IS ON THE LANDSCAPE'S STAGE. Don't you recontextualize the tritone add variety of style/attitude including will, weal, wheel, the liner notes you'll def. Want to read, the heartbeat of this music is Constantine." --Billy McShane Edition of 250.

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