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zbigniew preisner & lisa gerrard-it's not too late lp (preisner productions)

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zbigniew preisner & lisa gerrard: it's not too late

"I can say that the album It's not too late has been created by chance. Few years ago together with Lisa Gerrard we visited synagogue in a small town hundred kilometers from Cracow, Bobowa. When we entered the synagogue Lisa started to sing. It appeared that the place had spine-tingling acoustics. I said then to Lisa: 'Let's try to record something here.' The rule was simple: I prepared themes and we recorded live performance. Lisa heard what I was playing for the first time during the recording and she improvised. We recorded nine compositions in 45 minutes. It supposed to be a holiday joy. Six years later I returned to the material we recorded and decided to finish it. What is left from the original recording is the voice of Lisa. I composed and recorded everything else in my studio. Dominik Wania played piano, Magdalena Pluta -- cello, and Jerzy Głowczewski -- saxophone. That's the way the album It's not too late came in to being. We live in the most dangerous time since the Second World War. Lisa Gerrard and I want to tell you about the world we share. Our weapon is music. It doesn't kill, it resurrects, and it brings hope to life. It's not too late." --Zbigniew Preisner

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