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zeitkratzer/column one-column one: entropium lp (karlrecords)

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zeitkratzer/column one: column one entropium

Five compositions by the Berlin-based electroacoustic/industrial collective Column One in stunning interpretations by zeitkratzer, recorded live at Berghain during MaerzMusik 2012. Since their inception in 1997, zeitkratzer have built a reputation for their unique approach, their outstanding and internationally acclaimed members, and their adventurous projects that include collaborations with noise musicians like Merzbow and Zbigniew Karkowski, rock 'n' roll experimentalists like Lou Reed and William Bennett (Whitehouse), electronic musicians like Carsten Nicolai and Terre Thaemlitz, reinterpretations of Schönberg and Bach, as well as performances of music by composers such as Helmut Lachenmann, James Tenney, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Column One and zeitkratzer first worked together in the late '90s at Podewil, which was at that time the most influential and vanguard location in Berlin. For these compositions, presented here for the first time, Column One's mastermind Robert Schalinski developed five scores for acoustic instruments based on electroacoustic sound files. These scores were transcribed by Reinhold Friedl and the zeitkratzer musicians, refining and working them out together, using the complexity and sensuality of their amplified instrumental sound that matches perfectly the "industrial musique concrète" of the Berlin-based artist collective (which Rashad Becker joined in 2013) who cite Dada and the Surrealists as important influences. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; presented in gatefold sleeve; includes download code. Limited to 300 copies.

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