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zeno amsel-enzo trax ep (lobster theremin)

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zeno amsel: enzo trax

Straight outta Houston Texas, ZA's sound is a cauldron of edgy, raw, scourged techno & electro.. The Hague sound if it was relocated to an intergalactic space station. A human relocation experiment turned dystopian isolated resistance faction. Kusama is a chugging, runaway arpeggiated armoured-train. Hissing steam from the fire and coals, only pierced by the staccato mono-tonal acid emissions. Spellbinder is a stuttering, urgent rave morsel. Culled from the backend of UK afterhours and kicked through the Texas dust. Proper gnarl & snarling acid and stabs. Flipping over, IP 23 is pure galactic raw inspired by The Hague. Harking grunting voices, spitting & stretched 303, pumpin' drums and interspacial synth work. Absolute monstrous scenes. Dragging, clattering, noise-smattered techno number Sea Cucumber sees out the release. An Asquith fave, this extended thumping slice of TX tape machinations is a patient roller that slows builds to a blooping crescendo amongst the firing hats and hip-shot pads.

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