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zon-palace lp (magazine)

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zon: palace

Close friends and metalheads Phillip Tielsch (Von Spar) and Mario Katz (Cologne Tape) have long been meeting for guitar sessions, trying to "take in the essence of their favorite metal records and digest it in their own sound." Quite ambitious, but without any release plans. Magazine's Jens-Uwe Beyer found out about their project and pushed them to produce an uncompromising condensate of their raw material. Beyer cut here and there, contributed some additional production and also got John Stanier (Battles) in the boat for the drums along with Mario Katz. So Zon became a band and their first album, Palace, is an intense and sharp-edged instrumental metal set. Crato's B-side counterpart, a 27 minute drone ambient interpretation of the Zon material, completes this literally thrilling album. Wrapped up by John Harten's unique artwork series. 45 minute playtime. Features an endless loop on side A and inside out cut on side B-side. 180 gram vinyl comes in heavy stock sleeves.

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