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zosima-metamorphosis 12 (noiztank)

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zosima: metamorphosis

What we know as avant-garde seems to look back every time more to the past. An aim of finding new reinterpretations produces deeper and deeper researches into the most primary roots of electronic music, but actually that conflict between old and new is gone. Then, what does it mean a radical idea versus the image of a radical idea? Whether something is genuinely radical is so only if it hasn’t been done, or is difficult to do, or the results are uncertain, which is different from reproducing years later what the discipline learned to do in former times. The struggle to implement and to understand new work, as a valued act of conduct is very different from repeating a learned image. This dichotomy founded the basics of Zosima's original tracks. The sequence continues with two OAKE's remixes and it is closed by a narrative of divine ectasy. A monstrous sensuality, that takes you to the end without noticing it. "Metamorphosis" shows the birth, life and death of a musical body.

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