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zuli-bionic ahmed 12 (uiq)

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zuli: bionic ahmed

Lee Gamble's UIQ label presents the debut EP by Cairo multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound artist Ahmed El Ghazoly aka ZULI. "Robotic Handshake in 4D" syncs neck-snap sub knocks with shimmering gamelan tones and gremlin voices like a lost Dabrye bomb, before the creamed microtonal timbre of "Compactpact" and the Beneath-style bleep-and-bass pressure of "131001G." "Robotic Jabs in 4D" sparks its lush, fluid synth swell with desiccated 2-step jungle patterns before the decelerated thump and STL-style dub house triplets of "Ahmed ?" Closer "Dr. Beckett" convulses like a Gantz riddim during an ayahuasca ceremony. RIYL Lee Gamble, Coil, Urban Tribe, Beneath.

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