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zweikommasieben-#21 mag (präsens editionen)

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zweikommasieben: #21

Zweikommasieben is a magazine that has been devoted to the documentation of contemporary music and sound since the summer of 2011. Issue #21 includes: interviews with Anthony Pateras, Asma Maroof, Ben Vince, MC Buzzz, Dasychira, East Man, Laila Sakini, Lung Dart, Lyra Pramuk, Mark Knekelhuis, Sicaria Sound, Sonia Calico, Stine Janvin, and VTSS. Essays on Nicolás Jaar as well as by Annie Garlid and Flora Yin-Wong. Contributions by A ?lolder (aka Powell, Michael Amstad, and Marte Eknæs), Èlg, and the Nihilist Spasm Band. Columns by Alex Rudolph (feat. poetry by Chirstof Szalay), George Gatsas (photos), and Michael Eby ("Art Review" on an exhibition by Graham Lambkin). Bi-lingual EN/DE; 144 pages; size 200 x 285mm; edition of 2000.

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