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zweikommasieben-#23 mag (präsens editionen)

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zweikommasieben: #23

Frequent readers of zweikommasieben will know that the creative processes highlighted in the magazine are an eclectic gathering of influences that result in varied creative practices. But what might be the common denominator connecting all the dots in this plurality? For the new issue, zweikommasieben makes the case for the discursive potential of personal experiences. Once the personal is taken seriously, anecdotes provide major insights into an artist's practice. A portrait on producer Malibu taps into memories of popular culture and traces musical experiences from her childhood to highlight the dedication she brings towards composing melodies and using samples. In their essay, the duo Space Afrika assembles recollections of their daily lives in north-west England to frame their artistic output over the years. Highlighting subjective perspectives also allows for the differentiation of what might appear similar at first. Both the collaboration of Andreas Bülhoff and Marc Matter featured in "Soundtexte" and the interview with Tygapaw refer to the use of poetry. The former condense language to its most basic units and present them as rhythmic building blocks for DJs. Taking a different approach, Tygapaw asked a poet to be the narrator of their album, expanding the tracks by embedding an additional layer of meaning. zweikommasieben #23 includes: interviews with Bass Clef, Crystalmess, Flora Yin-Wong, Grand River, Ikonika, Jabu & Daniela Dyson, Meemo Comma, and Tygapaw. 160 pages, 170x240mm -- all content in EN, parts in DE, FR, NL, and IT.

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