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ibrahim alfa
hidden by the leaves
LP | workshop

outstanding lp from mosquito/automatic hero ibrahim alfa. originally supposed to be
released on david moufang's source label in the late 90s and somewhat lost to time.
moufang thankfully rescued this lp from oblivion and here it is available in a ltd qty
on workshop.



second woman
2 LP | spectrum spools

a collaborative project featuring turk dietrich of belong and joshua eustis of the renowned
telefon tel aviv. as one would imagine, second woman is a nonpareil debut of futuristic
electronic music fusing the coveted genetics of the duos' respective previous endeavors
into an alluring new enigma of asmr-inducing kaleidoscopic dub.



pye corner audio/dalhous
run for the shadows
EP | lapsus


stefan ringer
bossa grv
12 | argot


jk flesh
nothing is free
12 | downwards