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mika vainio
3LP | ideal records

the 50 minute score breaks down to six sections, each exploring the full frequency
spectrum of his patented, greyscale tonal palette, largely swerving a fixed rhythmic
meter to occupy a weightless,out-of-reach mid-ground that seduces us headlong into
his chasmic designs & best suits the black & white film imagery.



rob noyes
the feudal spirit

LP | poon village

"rob's playing carries the weight of many possibly-imaginary forebears, but the way he
smears them all together shows a holistic mastery of touch & imagination that defies a
lot of today's players, who tend to shine in short bursts, then allow their dreams to outrun
their technique."-bryon coley



12" | arcing seas


5ive + samo dj
some song teachers
12" | public possession


deafening chaos serenity
EP | type