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oto hiax
2 LP | editions mego

comprised of mark clifford (seefeel) & scott gordon (loops haunt). embracing a series of
sonic opposites, oto hiax employs electronic & 
concrete sound to construct a labyrinth
of moods, sliding from basic 
repetition to complex audio suites. the mood is such that the
is advised to embrace the unexpected as unusual elements gently drift across the
audio plane.



eli keszler
last signs of speed

2 LP | empty editions

coming off like an inspired synthesis between scientist & xenakis, 'last signs of speed'
is a truly unique work by an artist at the height of his power.



bjorn torske
12" | sex tags mania


dj surgeles
betty hill case
12" | something in the sky


interstellar funk
caves of steel
EP | berceuse heroique