cut hands
festival pf the dead
2 LP | blackest ever black

It is said that the gods of the dead demand
you ritualistically commit to each intensely
hot beat of the ceremonial drum. Now,
here, is themusic for their celebration of
death, music to dance together with, to
oblivion, a music both spectacular and
ecstatic where, like never before, the
spiritsof Santería and Voudou mix with
raw electricity into burning diabolical



marble sky
2LP | students of decay

These recordings can be seen as the
distillation of an important and uniquely
tender movement in American experimental
music, documented largely by West Coast
tape labels such as Ekhein, Monorail
Trespassing, and Witscher’s own
now-defunct Callow God. Remastered by
James Plotkin and presented for the first
time on vinyl, this is the definitive collection
of work by one of Jeff Witscher’s most
justifiably beloved guises.