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graham lambkin
LP | kye

'community' is a music steeped in sociological review. it sits as a keen barometer,
taking the temperature of the world around it. 'community' is both willing servant and
social mirror - it performs its basic civic duty without fuss, then shatters.' (josé perez,
downstairs neighbor).



nordic mediterranean organization/numerous miscommunications occur

2 LP | diagonal

n.m.o.'s first lp serves as both a puckish middle finger & a sore thumb in modern dance
music's bloated face, stripping it all down to muscle, nerves & bones in a way that's
somehow intuitive & counter-intuitive at the same time, hyper-fresh but primordial &
properly ravenous on the floor.



dj sotofett/vera dvale
soukas mix/dybden
12" | wania


shaded explorer
emerald weapon
EP | midgar


mirror lines
12" | ibadan