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various-listen up!-dj style cd (kingston sounds)

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various: listen up!-dj style

Welcome to the DJ Style, the sound of Jamaica! To celebrate Jamaica's 50 years of independence (1962-2012) we have put together a set of releases that cover the musical styles that reggae mutated into throughout it's history: ska, rocksteady, roots reggae, dub, DJ style, and dancehall from legends like U Roy, I Roy, Prince Jazzbo, and Prince Far I. The DJ phenomenon started way back in the ska era in the late 1950's with the likes of Count Machuki and Sir Lord Comic, who could be found shouting introductions to the big tunes of the day. These would grow into almost question and answer sessions over the original vocals. This deejay jive talk, so popular in the dancehalls and sound system gatherings, transferred to vinyl and became another chapter in the evolving sound of reggae. So sit back and listen keenly to some musical biscuits, to the kings of the DJ sound. So Listen Up! and enjoy!

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