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a&s-the order of occurrence 12 (chronicle)

Price: $10.99


a&s: the order of occurrence

Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search present an expansive EP of six tracks that tunnel deep into the bowels of late night, uncompromising techno. While they have been known to shore up at labels as respected as M_REC LTD, Balans and Smallville, it is with their own A&S imprint that the Dutch duo have shaped out their identity the most in recent years and this new release marks a rare departure from their home turf. There is a powerful economy of elements that feed into Angélis and Search’s constructions on “The Order Of Occurrence”, using restraint and poise as devices of tension in the most effective way possible. From the finest slither of string sitting atop the drums to a desolate bleep ringing out in empty space, the suspense that comes from these carefully wielded elements creates as powerful an emotional reaction as any brash studio acrobatics, and that’s where the magic of A&S lies. With just the bare essential elements this pair of accomplished technonauts can say a profound amount, and in that sense they make for the perfect fit with the Chronicle mandate.

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