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aardvarck-co in ci lp+10 (skudge presents)

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aardvarck: co in ci

Often referred to as The Pig and rarely spotted without shades, Mike "Aardvarck" Kivits has remained a compelling figurehead within the Dutch underground for decades, happily flitting between down-tempo and high-octane styles from release to release and generally sounding like no one else out there. Kivits has developed a strong affiliation with the Skudge Records operation, which commenced with his humongous remix of the Swedish act's "Convolution" in 2010. Having committed two full 12" releases to the Skudge Presents cause (the Indo EP in 2012 and Plus Det in 2014), Kivits now presents a full Aardvarck long-player on the label. The cryptically titled Co in Ci features eight new Aardvarck productions from Kivits, with more pacey excursions on the LP and more experimental and ambient material on the 10". Co in Ci is the ninth album the Dutch producer has released in the 13 years since his 2002 debut LP for Delsin.

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