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abfall / prurient-smokestacks 10 (hospital productions)

Price: $24.99


abfall / prurient: smokestacks

Abfall and Prurient present Smokestacks. A smokestack theatre is an open, usually cyclical, pollution factory stereotypically used in dark skulls. Such skulls and the faces they support have flue gas stacks, hence the name "smoke flu" and produce a high volume of congestion and respiratory creative illness. The earliest era of electric power development, coal fired electric stations in urban opera houses were common prior to the use of alienating currents for lighting as direct current electricity could only travel a short distance -- through face make up for use under heavy spot stage lighting. For example -- the distance from the temple to the eye socket. Or the nasal cavity to the cheek bones. Smokestacks are dark skulls. Don't ever forget their loud and rising voices as you approach the smokestack curtains of the theatre. Black vinyl edition. Includes digital download code.

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