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acid jesus-flashbacks 1992-1998 2cd (alter ego)

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acid jesus: flashbacks 1992-1998

Following the title of the classic Ecstasy Club record (1988) -- be it a direct influence or merely a coincidence -- Acid Jesus was the first of many collaborations between Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke. Situated in Germany's then blistering techno scene and especially a mirror of Frankfurt at the time, the early recordings on Flashbacks are also a feedback loop to what was happening in the UK and the USA before and at that very time. With many definitions and interpretations of techno already in place, and while its triumphal procession slowly geared itself into exhaustion, Flügel and Wuttke succeeded with their own, unique take on it, that owed as much to Underground Resistance and The Belleville Three as it did to Sven Väth and Andrew Weatherall. Depicting the booster detonation of what was to become the holy label trinity of Playhouse, Klang, and Ongaku, this is a collection of tracks and experiments in sound that won't sound dated, yet classic, mesmerizing and eternal. Double CD version includes 21 classic tracks and two previously unreleased tracks; the first CD includes the Klang released debut album from 1993, which collected a string of tracks written and produced between December '92 and July '93, while the second CD gathers the later stage of Acid Jesus with a selection of music from the Fear (1994), Radiation (1994), and Interstate (1997) EPs; Double CD version includes booklet.

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