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roman flugel-fabric 95 cd (fabric)

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roman flugel: fabric 95

Roman Flügel provides a continuous DJ mix the 95th instalment of Fabric's mix series. Alongside a few other Frankfurt-based techno artists in the early '90s, Roman Flügel formed the spine of the scene for the next decade. His numerous production aliases include Eight Miles High, Soylent Green, Tracks On Delivery, and Roman IV. It is the independent German label DIAL with whom Flügel has largely worked most recently releasing three albums and a load of EPs. Fabric 95 is typical of the sound he champions -- abstract and tense at times, but ultimately warm and inviting. A quirky, idiosyncratic track listing that goes from blissful, dark, and dubby. Features a collaboration between Roman and Ricardo Villalobos as RiRom. Roman Flügel on Fabric: "The club has been incredibly supportive for so many years now! I will never forget our first live performance as Alter Ego during the peak of the success of our single 'Rocker' in room one. It was pure mayhem..." Features: Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV, Tuff City Kids, Joe Goddard, Benjamin Fröhlich, Roman Flügel, Koehler, Ishi Vu, Pale Blue, Pional, Lawrence, Two Of A Kind, Eamon Harkin, Red Rack'em, El Kid, Larnak Artefax , Randomer, Rebolledo, Danny Daze & Shokh, DJ Normal 4, F.B.Wibe, Karma, Ghost Culture, Fetnat, Solitary Dancer, Bartellow, and D.H.S.. Packaged in bespoke slipcase containing die-embossed tin.

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