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ada-meine zarten pfoten cd (pampa)

Price: $16.99


This is the long-awaited second album from German producer Ada on DJ Koze's Pampa Records. Meine Zarten Pfoten ("My Tender Paws") is the eagerly-awaited album by Lady Ada that everybody's been longing to get a hold of for so long. Her second album after debut Blondie (AREAL 026LP) truly is a revelation. Ada has successfully cast off that four-to-the-floor yoke and has recorded songs that go way beyond all our well-known categories, hovering above everything in a state of serene disengagement. Ada aka Michaela Dippel has recorded all the instruments herself. The atmosphere builds up slowly, with nothing to prove -- but then try listening to it over headphones: the sheer amount of sensory impressions is overwhelming. There are subtle textures, woven together with an apparent lightness and casualness. This is also the reason why Meine Zarten Pfoten took such a long time to record. Creating lightness is the most difficult task of all. This album is, nonetheless, more than just a loving hug, it is full of wit and sophisticated wisdom that gleams through the euphony of this music again and again. This record is your friend. It's a shining light of beauty, glowing from the inside.

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