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alex burkat-tarot 12 (100% silk)

Price: $13.99


alex burkat: tarot

Brooklyn’s boroughs are contaminated by creators, so the only surprise hearing Alex Burkat’s first 100% Silk masters was how subtly exquisite he’d nailed them down. Patient, swelling loops of new age club mist give way to classic Chicago figure-8 bass patterns, and dubby, sampled drum fills punctuate before billowing back out into breathy warehouse atmospherics. His recent EP for Mister Saturday Night explored more upbeat-oriented dynamics but Tarot unwinds with a dreamier déjà vu—waves of arpeggiated echoes, strobing stereo shimmer, and low acid warble arcing over a limitless subterranean dance floor. This is hypnotic humanist mantric mystery music for the 21st century, for those invested in what the deck has to hold.

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