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alex coulton-bleep sequence/tension 12 (mistry)

Price: $16.99


alex coulton: bleep sequence/tension

Alex Coulton makes the deft first mark on Beneath's Mistry label, a new home for darker, techy UK riddims, with a necessary vinyl cut of his in-demand "Bleep Sequence" and the slick forward motion of "Tension." "Bleep Sequence" weighs up a definitive reduction of dark garage, dubbed techno and Yorkshire-style bleep 'n bass with plangent radar pings and body-scanning subs rolling from a spare, half-step swagger into dread techno momentum. "Tension" is a deadly new cut, well-known to UK underground circles, synching tribal drum cadence with wide, surging subs and diffuse dubbing to sound something like Pinch and 2562 paying tribute to Source Direct.

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