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d'marc cantu-parisian summer 12 (desire)

Price: $16.99


d'marc cantu: parisian summer

Five new tracks by U.S. producer D'Marc Cantu between house (jack style), techno and acid. Floorfillers guaranteed. "The idea behind Parisian Summer came after I played the Weather Festival in Paris during the spring of 2013. 'Partydaze,' 'Svetlana' and 'MadDance' were all created ahead of my show at La Machine that weekend. All three of those tracks were made with the purpose of capturing that raw energy being given off by some of the best crowds I've ever witnessed. 'Irregular Bedfellows' is a nice counterbalance to the high-energy drive of the previous tracks and 'Uneven' bookends the whole EP." --D'Marc Cantu, May 2014

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