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ambiq-thomas fehlmann/margaret dygas remixes 12 (arjunamusic)

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ambiq: thomas fehlmann/margaret dygas remixes

ambiq presents the second 12" of remixes of tracks from their 2015 album ambiq 2, following Ricardo Villalobos and Tobias Freund's 2015 remixes. Thomas Fehlmann (The Orb) remixes "Meta" with classic rolling techno elements, while maintaining the eerie musical saw quivers and drum kit chatter of the original; it's a mutant dub that permeates every corner of listener's active imagination. Margaret Dygas's noir-tinged remix of "The Mother" incorporates all kinds of clever low-end subtleties and sliced-and- diced sound fragments while still leaving plenty of room for ambiq's woodwinds and percussive commentary.

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