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anthropropphh-s/t lp (rocket recordings)

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anthroprophh: s/t

This is the debut album by The Heads' lead guitarist and songwriter, Paul Allen. Anthroprophh's music originates in the evolutionary field work of both his endless 33.333 rituals and near-mythical status as one of the UK's greatest underground acts; The Heads. The Heads have been carving their own brand of kinetic psychoacoustics since the early '90s and Anthroprophh continues that Bristolian tradition with his latest spectrum of sonic assaults. The six tracks unearthed follow the Krautrock tradition of at times being anarchic, at others mystical, magical, or utopian. Heavy on planetary rhythms and laced, percussive, half-man, half-machine grooves, Anthroprophh is concerned with all aspects of musical behavior; past, present, and with an eye to the future like the sonic output you would find on labels such as Blackest Rainbow and Not Not Fun. His interest in the oscillating neuronal discharges of instruments induce the long distance pattern of synchronization, corresponding to the moment of perception itself and to the ensuing motorik response. So "Join Inn" Anthroprophh's ancestral hunter and gatherer sanctuary with his satellitic-dependence astralwerks -- human, humanoid, or human-like, this is the sound of the mind burning out.

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