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antigone-cantor dust 2lp (token)

Price: $17.99


antigone: cantor dust

Since debuting in 2011 on Zadig's Construct Re-Form, Parisian producer Antonin Jeanson aka Antigone has enjoyed an impressively consistent run of releases. His inaugural release with Kr!z's Token reflects of his inclination to mix the abstract with the functional. "Anna Livia" opens with Klaus Schulze-reminiscent, spatial electronica before "Enter" asserts Jeanson's dancefloor sensibilities, chugging forward unfalteringly. On "Prime Mover," reverberant stabs lunge forward over driving low-end. On "Artefakt," the interplay between rasping mechanical percussion, booming low-end, and grinding drones is rushingly intense. "Blue Note" provides a moment of reflection, with distant synthesizers easing out gently above booming rhythms.

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