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lucy & klock-war lullaby 12 (stroboscopic artefacts)

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lucy & klock: war lullaby

Debut collaboration between Ben Klock and Lucy. Listeners familiar with the classic kosmische feel will be taken immediately by the opening gambit "Bliss." On "War Lullaby," an FX-shrouded voice precedes a confident kick thump trailing ephemeral clatters. "Santeria" is the busiest and most engaging of the bunch, with fleeting snatches of conga, phasing zaps, and rhythmic ricochets all making for a rich concoction. "A Ghost Lovestory," like the opener, is a non-"dance" piece, but is no less compelling for that fact, with a foam of white noise panning between the listener's ears alongside a slurred and pitch-bent refrain.

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