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anworth kirk-s/t lp (pre-cert home entertainment)

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Pre-Cert Home Entertainment is a new imprint releasing limited vinyl documents of contemporary musical and nonmusical material researched by Andy Votel (Finders Keepers) and Sean Canty of Demdike Stare (Modern Love) in the north of England. Part art/part trash, this open-ended disposable archive combines a cross-section of oblique influences such as sound research libraries, VHS video culture, electronic Folkways records, sound poetry, tape manipulation, European fumetti, outsider art and field recording, to name but a few. With a continued focus on the theatrical/macabre and a stylistic nod to the industrial landscape of its local history, Pre-Cert aims to expand an open catalog of man-made and mechanical music and disparate archival noise. The first release on the label embodies all the characteristics of Pre-Cert's modus operandi, featuring collated compositions from the semi-fictitious Anworth Kirk. Combining influences from European folklore, Surrealism, Letterist poetry, tape loops, found-sound and armchair-cinematics, this eponymous album (Subtitled: The Old Mill Is Your New God) comprises 12 segued titles presented in two chapters. Clocking in at 22 minutes, Pre-Cert's first release is pressed on vinyl at 45 rpm (similar to late-period Indian horror soundtracks). Vinyl limited to 500 copies. Cut at Berlin's D&M.

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