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demdike stare-tryptych 3cd (modern love)

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2014 Jewel case repress, replaces the original oversized gatefold fold-out profile pack. a lavish triple CD production that brings together three albums that have previously only been available on vinyl (Forest Of Evil, Liberation Through Hearing, Voices Of Dust), plus an extra 40 minutes of bonus material recorded during the same sessions. Demdike Stare is a project made up of two insatiable vinyl collectors based in the north of England: Sean Canty (who works for the esteemed Finders Keepers label) and Miles Whittaker (a long-time producer and DJ who has released music under the MLZ moniker and as part of Pendle Coven) The music Demdike Stare make is hard to pin down, based largely around archival musical sources ranging from obscure library records to long-forgotten jazz, early electronic, and industrial recordings, alongside an array of Iranian, Pakistani, Turkish and Eastern European material largely unknown in the Western world. Demdike Stare absorb and re-align these found sounds via their ever-expanding array of analog machines, ending with something that is in part plunderphonic, but ultimately completely new. Their music has sometimes been lumped in with the hypnagogic, hauntological and, most recently, "witch house" movements, but ultimately, Demdike Stare should appeal to anyone with an interest in everything from classic KPM Library records through to the music of Basic Channel and all the way to the smudged, altered-realities of James Ferraro and The Caretaker. That is, at least until the next record, when the frames of reference might just change up and take them somewhere completely different. Housed in a beautiful triple gatefold fold-out profile pack. Mastered at Berlin's D&M. Artwork by Andy Votel.

Demdike Stare - Forest of Evil

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