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miles-facets ep (modern love)

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Miles' Facets EP brings together different ends of his production style, unifying elements of the house and techno he's most commonly released as MLZ together with the more broken production signatures usually reserved for Millie and the darkened tribalism of Demdike Stare. "Flawed" opens with a Linn loop from the archives, stretched and slowed down with an intoxicated aesthetic that's somewhere between house and dub, before "Lustre" re-configures source material originally keyed in by label-mate Andy Stott with a nice line in squashed percussion. "Primer" extends from a Demdike Stare outtake and veers off into an analog drum machine workout, before "On The Fly" ends the set with a recording made straight to mixing desk from an array of mis-wired and malfunctioning drum boxes, contact microphones and samplers. Thirty minutes long, mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Limited to 700 copies for the world.

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