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ap musik-mu3 cd (ap musik)

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ap musik: mu3

Released via Rephlex, this is the first of three albums from AP Musik that begins to explore a phenomenon known as "The Colundi Sequence"; a series of mathematically-related and non-related specifically resonant microtones that, in experiments, appear to conjure magical physical and psychological phenomena, synchronicity, and unity. As the series progresses, proof and effects of the results should become apparent, but for this volume, we are offered a carefully crafted introduction to use as positive personal therapy and communal entertainment. The music is both natural and electrical, with an emphasis on sine waves of different frequencies, amplitudes and phases to demonstrate Colundi Level 1 to the listener, whatever the shape of one's ear and one's ability to hear may be. The very personal nature of the music is evident throughout. It is a deep soundscape that draws you into a different world; an intriguing symmetry of other dimensions. It is the result of systematic hertz experiments, a listening experience that is a coherent image from an unusual world that we momentarily enter. AP Musik offers this release for those who share their addiction to the theory, which employs elements and findings from a variety of scientific/philosophical sources.

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